My Meals for a Month | Vegetarian Indian Homemade Food

I was in Amravati (Maharashtra) last year for a month visiting my maternal side of the family.  Going to nanihaal (nani's house) every summer vacation was something we used to look forward to as kids.  And this trip was all the more special because my mom's mom (Nani--my gradmom) became great grandmom to my twins, so the pampering was multifold-for me and for my kids.

My Nani and both my Mamiji (mom's brother's wife) cook such delicious food and so much variety everyday.  In this post I'm sharing my lunches for the one month that I stayed with them (too bad I did not click pictures of my dinners.)

You know there are times when love reflects through food...this is one of them.

Gift Ideas for Family to Carry from USA

Three years ago I wrote a blog post on gifts from USA for family back home and shared ideas on what to buy from America for family members in your home country.

I traveled to Bangkok and India again few months back and this time, I have some more ideas on what to carry for families.  And this time, I have divided the gift suggestions into categories and some quick notes.

Colorful Mixed Salad

I have eaten a lot of dishes from the Apple headquarter's cafeteria in Cupertino, California.  From their pizzas to pastas, from their healthy juices to mango lassis, from their Indian food to Mexican quesadillas.  But of all their foods, my favorite is their mixed salad.  You can choose the ingredients and dressings to build your salad, and if you choose it well - you can enjoy a crunch-a crisp-a soft-a sweet-a tangy and a lot of flavors and textures in each bite.

I do not try to recreate their salads when I make salads at home now, but the way I make salads has changed.

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